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2006 2008 Officers and Board of Directors


                                          President                     Divina Lupe M. Lazaro, M.D.

   Immediate Past President 2004 2006                     Susana de Jesus

                                   President Elect                    Baby Cu-Arceo

                     Executive Vice-President                     Anna C. Lao

                   Vice President Operation                     Lily S. Chua

                      Vice President Finance                     Angeles C. Azarias

                       Vice Preident Program                     Ditas Crisostomo

                            Secretary Recording                     Elvira Gozun-Sumadchat

               Assistant Secretary Recording                     Evelyn N. Ong

                      Secretary Corresponding                     Lolita A. Sy

         Assistant Secretary Corresponding                     Lily s. Tantuco

                                          Treasurer                     Levi Sy Ong

                             Assistant Treasurer                     Mary S. Lim

                                             Auditor                     Rosita Lim

                                Assistant Auditor                     Alice L. Yap



                         Public relations Officer                     Lilia U. Hao